A mix of emotions in Bern

Bern means ‘bear’ in German. The city was founded by Duke Berthold V of Zähringen in 1191. Berthold V suggested naming the city after the first animal they’d kill in a hunt. That animal happened to be a bear. I’ve posted a few statistics of the city and my photos for you to check out:
I’ve only been to the country’s capital once, but it’s definitely in the plans to go back. It was a sunny, fairly warm day and I really enjoyed walking around and taking photos here and there. I have a newfound appreciation for Bern now after going through these photos again and getting them ready for all of you to see. Bern is a very beautiful city with its old buildings and flowers in all of the windows. There’s just one big flaw which I’ve highlighted at the end of this post.
There were a whole bunch of these little birds hanging about near a bench where we were seated. A few people sitting on the bench over shared some of their lunch and there was quite a battle over each piece of food.
Aren’t these great? I’d love to hang out and play a game (even though my Chess playing skills are few).
I love all of the intricate clocks I’ve seen around here. I’m thinking I’ll need to do a whole post on them.
It’s amazing how much flowers add to a place. They automatically make everything so much more beautiful. A little bit of red in each window!
I’m going to sound so cliche here, but what a darling home! I hope to have my future home adorned in flowers as well. I was surprised that this sign was in English. I guess people would throw rocks over the edge and they would fall on people, cars, and houses. There were a couple more of these in the area.
I warn you now: you’ll be seeing many more photos of Vespas in my travel photos. Since moving here I’ve been wishing I had one and take a photo of every Vespa I see (which happens quite a lot).
I thought you’d be interested in seeing the detail not only on the building, but the overhang as well. Amazing!
I’m a huge fan of unique shutters.
And that, my friends, is a small taste of the beautiful capital of Switzerland, Bern!
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Bern means ‘bear’. The people of Bern have taken this way too literally and made a tourist attraction out of it. They have a Bärengraben or “bear pit” where they keep bears for people to see. They’ve had this “attraction” since 1480! The pit recently had an extension added on, but I wish they had spent that money on getting these bears to a better home instead. I wish I had taken more photos just to show you, but honestly it made me too sad and I didn’t want to have a memory of it. The whole time I was there, I saw this particular bear in the photo pacing back and forth and scratching the door to his enclosure. On the other side in the old bear pit was the mother with her two cubs. The mother was scratching the door non-stop and her cubs were literally hanging over her shoulders waiting to go in. Each door had a huge dent from scratching like this which made it pretty clear that this must happen on a regular basis. A couple years ago there was even talk of killing the bear cubs. I’m going to contact Bern’s City Council President Kohli Vania (kohli@advokohli.ch) and the Bärenpark (tierpark.daehlhoelzli@bern.ch) asking them to put an end to keeping these bears in captivity and I hope you join me! This not only shows Bern in a negative light, but Switzerland as a whole.

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