People of the trees

A few weeks ago I told you about a BBC program I was looking forward to watching called Human Planet. I recorded it at the time and finally got around to watching it. It was full of information, but very different from what I expected. It started out with a group of men preparing for a hunt. They do this by dripping a substance into their eyes that they said would improve their eyesight. They also injected a kind of natural drug into their bodies. This was all to make them better hunters. They went on to hunt monkeys. As you probably already know, I am a huge animal lover so this was a bit too much to me. I almost turned it off, but overall I’m glad I continued watching.

Next there was a man who killed beautiful birds for their feathers that he used to decorate his garb for a dance where many tribes attended. There was also a part that showed the destruction of the rainforest due to logging and how local villagers use elephants to transport their trees, a trio of children who hunted and ate spiders, a man who climbed an extremely tall tree to gather honey for his family, and the program ends with the construction of a tree house which was probably my favorite part after the footage of the uncontacted tribes. There’s a behind-the-scenes for the treehouse which shows how they filmed the different angles and scenes and how they interacted with the people. It was really interesting seeing how different people live around the world. If you’re in the UK, you can watch the whole episode here or here.

While reading up on this show, I found that they have even more episodes full of fascinating lives. I think the one I watched may even have been the least exciting considering most of the photos I saw around the web were of the other episodes. The trailer I posted here is a mix of the whole series. I’m thinking I’ll have to watch it all. Have you watched any episodes of Human Planet?