Oh, the places you’ll go with ImagineNations

I used to love spinning my family’s globe around as a child. There was a game my brothers and I played where we’d spin the globe, close our eyes, and put our finger somewhere to stop it. Wherever our finger landed, I think it represented where we would live in the future. I don’t actually remember what the spot represented, but the game always led to a lot of questions to my father about the world. The last time I took a look at our globe, I noticed that many of the countries no longer existed or had a name change. It must be over 15 years old. Wendy Gold has taken globes like my own and given them a new life with ImagineNations. I first fell in love with these globes thanks to Design*Sponge and they’ve been making their way around the blogosphere ever since. Wendy decorates vintage globes by hand with recycled materials and they can even be customized. Not only is she changing worlds through her artwork, Wendy donates a portion of her profit to local charities. Her globes are all one of a kind masterpieces. I’ve chosen my favorites to show here, you can view more here.

Every time I see these globes I’m reminded of a How It’s Made episode on globes that I watched about a year ago. This truly is a small world, Wendy has a clip from the show on her blog!
I’ve posted it below for you to take a look:

(Image clickable straight to source: ArtOnGlobes.com)