Life tip #8: Give compliments

Happy Monday to you! I remember in high school there were some days I would walk into school and join my friends and someone would say “I love your shirt, Eva!” and it would absolutely make my day. Compliments are something that never get old. Everyone loves them (sometimes secretly), especially if they are genuine and in good spirit. I’ve even heard girls say they like when they get whistled at on the street. Compliments also help us be our better selves. If someone gives you a compliment, you may be more inclined to dress better, style your hair, try new things, etc. Some of the best compliments are the ones that you don’t have control over; I love when people tell me I have pretty eyes! And don’t leave yourself out! I’ve read countless times that positive thoughts about oneself make a person happier. The next time you feel that you look especially nice, say it out loud rather than pinpointing your flaws.

Small world that this is, the day after I thought of this as a life tip, Oh, My Darling wrote a post about giving people more compliments and a challenge from Just Putting It Out There… to give compliments to complete strangers. I would absolutely love to participate, but stopping random people on the street and talking to them in English when they most likely don’t know English may cause more trouble than good. Maybe my challenge will be to learn the German words for “I like your shirt/dress/jacket/etc.” It’s a fantastic challenge and I’d love to take part once I’m in a place where I feel comfortable using the language. Go make someone’s day!

I don’t mean to be cheesy at all, but it’s about time I tell you (yes, you, reading this right now) that you are absolutely amazing for reading this post and Four Leaf Clover! Thank you!