Not the way I pictured reindeer at Christmas time

[UPDATE: Reindeer cruelty petition leads to better animal protection laws!]

I found out about the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)‘s investigation of the cruelty involving reindeer on Tonic. Reindeer in Sweden and Finland are taken from the wild and slaughtered in an extremely stressful environment. The video of the investigation shows people dragging the reindeer by one leg, cutting off their antlers, and forced into cage-like rooms where they are killed. Many animals’ lives around the world end in a similar kind of fate, but these animals should not according to the law. The petition states:

In 2008 the Nordic Council of Ministers adopted the Växjö Declaration, which stated the Council’s belief that animals are sentient beings with their own intrinsic value and that they should be respected as such.

In the declaration the Council also stressed the importance of good animal welfare and the need for it to reflect the ethical values of its societies, reiterating the pioneering traditions of the Nordic region and based on a deep insight into the links between animal health and animal welfare.

Please sign WSPA’s petition on their website and thepetitionsite to help put an end to this cruelty.

(Image clickable straight to source: WSPA)


22 December 2010 - 7:36 pm

I have signed both petitions. What they go through sounds so awful. U.U
Thanks for sharing! =)

23 December 2010 - 2:28 am

You’re welcome Lauren – thanks for signing and commenting! Hopefully this will be stopped soon before many more reindeer have to suffer.

Misty :)
3 January 2011 - 3:51 pm

This post really made me sad 🙁 I went to each site and signed each petition! I really hope the mistreatment ends soon! The reindeer do not deserve to be treated like that. NO animal deserves to be treated like that!!!

4 January 2011 - 2:54 am

Thank you, Misty! So true… animals deserve so much more than the way they are being treated by humans these days.

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