Life tip #9: Read labels

This is a very important life tip. I am frequently shocked time and time again when people don’t read labels before they purchase food. I’ve found that food is the number one factor when it comes to my and many other individuals’ health. When watching a program about vegetarianism on Oprah about a year ago, author Michael Pollan said that over half of the things in grocery stores these days he wouldn’t consider food and after checking out the ingredients you’d realize he’s right. People wonder why they get sick, but when you look at what’s inside of their food (not to mention the rest of the things they put on/in their bodies)… you wouldn’t be surprised. If you can’t even pronounce a word on the ingredients list and/or you don’t know half of what is listed, I suggest not eating it. One of the best things that came out of my becoming a vegetarian was that I was forced to read the ingredients of everything I ate (even more so when I became vegan). It may sound like a hassle, but soon it just becomes part of grocery shopping as much as picking over fruits and vegetables to make sure you don’t get any bruised ones.