Earth Day is everyday

While I love that a whole day is dedicated to celebrating and loving our Earth, I truly believe that every day should be a day of celebrating and loving this world we live in. I constantly hear that being green is “in style”, “a fad”, “a passing phase”, and so on, but it’s not. Living an eco-conscious life should be a priority for everyone. Even if certain actions didn’t effect anyone in a negative way, we should still strive for a green lifestyle. I’ve heard that my blog is considered mainly an “environmental blog”, but I’d have to disagree. This blog is all that interests me, what I hope to be, and what I would like others to know. Being environmentally-friendly is part of my day-to-day life and I know that I’ll continue living as eco-friendly as possible when I finally have the means. I’ve never felt that my eco-choices have limited my life in any way, in fact, I think my life is so much more full and enjoyable because of it. I don’t post too many products you can purchase here on Four Leaf Clover, because that’s not good for anyone (either for the environment or for me). Rather than shopping at the mall, driving to and eating at a restaurant, or playing video games/watching TV for hours all day, I choose to save my money, time, health and am much happier because of it. And when the day comes that there will be no other choice but to bring your own bags to the store, compost, or get by without a car… I’ll already be one step ahead because I already do that or know how to live that way. What about you: what are your thoughts today on Earth Day? What sort of things do you already do for the environment? Are there any actions/priorities that you’d like to add to your life that will not only better your life, but the planet as well?

While you’re pondering, please listen to one of my very favorite songs (Some Other World by Elton John from the movie FernGully) and have a happy Earth Day! We only have one world and it provides us with so much, the least we can do is give a little back for all that we receive.