Just a little update…

It’s been so warm these past few days, I’d gladly jump into a lake. I’d gladly spend all day outside, but I’d probably melt. I find myself dreaming of popsicles and those freezy pops I used to eat all the time as a kid. You know… I almost lost you last week. My battery on my laptop told me it was reaching its end so I plugged in my charger, but it wouldn’t charge. I tried every plug in the room to no avail. Then my laptop died. It looks as though my cable on my charger became loose. Luckily, I was able to go to town and find a replacement that same day. I was so worried I’d have to order one online and wait who knows how long for it to arrive.

Do you remember my Where oh where shall I go? post a while back about going to school? I decided to start looking in my top three choices: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. Schools in Denmark and Sweden offer English masters courses, but I couldn’t find any bachelor English courses. Amsterdam, however, does have English bachelor courses. Well, I’d just about settled on a school in Amsterdam and had practically started packing my bags and dreaming of my days walking along the water and beautiful streets that I’ve only seen in photos and shows. Unfortunately, the other day I found out that one of the requirements for students with an American high school diploma is to also have either one year of university under your belt already or four AP classes. I wish I’d known in high school that this would be a requirement because I only took one or two AP classes, but considered taking others. Little did I know what a difference that would make in my life now.

It looks as though my only choice now is the UK. Animal conservation courses have become so much more readily available now compared to when I last searched so there are a bunch of choices! For now I’m combing through all of the courses to see what would be best suited for what I’m looking for in a course. My biggest worry at this point is applying before it’s too late (the deadlines have passed, but there are usually still spots available). Please keep your fingers crossed for me! I’ll fill you in when I get more info, but I figured it was about time I filled you in on my search up till now. I’m bummed that Amsterdam didn’t work out, but I’m trying to keep looking at the bright side of things. Hopefully I’ll have some good news for you soon!

So what about you? Have some plans not worked out for you recently? Or are you bursting with all of the great things that just seem to be working out perfectly? Fill me in! How’s life?