Monday morning (not on Tuesday, baby!)

This song by Canadian singer Melanie Fiona always makes me like Mondays just a little more with each listen. I’ve noticed that I like Mondays these days more so than usual. I haven’t had “a case of the Mondays” in a looong time! How do you feel about Mondays?

I haven’t listened to many more Melanie Fiona songs, but I definitely need to (especially since her second album comes out next month)!

Surprisingly, I first heard Monday Morning in Switzerland and it will most likely always remind me of warm, sunny, breezy Switzerland days. I like when songs illustrate a story for you and this one does exactly that. From the first time Melanie tells him she’s leaving to the phone calls and then the train seat, I can picture all of it.

I liked this song when I first heard it even more so because I could relate. I currently live in a very small village (which I hope to show you many photos of soon!) and feel very much like the lyrics apply to my life right now “this town’s too small for me to stay… this flower needs somewhere to go, no room to grow on these dusty roads”. I always knew Switzerland would be temporary for me and this song fits so well and is full of optimism for something to look forward to.

Sometimes you just have to go, even if someone is holding you back from the road to your dreams. And the song just so happens to have a unique music video to go along with it:

(Original image clickable to source: Melaine Fiona’s Facebook page, name clip from