Pick the best font with Wordmark.it

This is one of the most helpful tools I’ve found since I started blogging. I don’t even know what all of my images would look like had I not discovered Wordmark.it thanks to Alpha Scout. Wordmark.it allows you to type in whatever word or phrase you’d like and then it loads the word(s) in all of the fonts that are installed on your computer. Like I said, super helpful!

Rather than just going with what you’ve known your whole life or going through a tedious procedure of loading each font in a Word document (this is what I used to do), you can have it all at a click of a button and easily select the most suitable font for what you’re working on. You can pick and choose as many as you want and filter out the rest to make your selection even easier.

A few other handy techniques include making the font shown bigger or smaller and browsing through the fonts with white font on a black background or vice versa. I don’t have an account on there, this is all free, but you can get an (free) account and have even more choices, if you’d like. I hope this makes your life much easier like it has mine!