A victory for sharks is a victory for the world

This news made me so happy when I read it yesterday on BBC News. The Bahamas have not only banned shark finning, but any kind of shark fishing plus they’ve made the fines bigger for those who are caught shark fishing! I recently wrote an article for One Green Planet which I’ll hopefully be able to share with you very soon and in it I wrote just how important sharks are to the world (you may be as shocked as I was with the information!). While it’s fantastic that there are bans showing up worldwide, like this article from Time magazine mentions, it’s really all up to China and the need for them to end making shark fin soup. It’s completely unnecessary and is damaging our world immensely.

UPDATE: Even more great news for sharks: Shark Finning Outlawed In Chilean Waters!

UPDATE (11/7/11): Taiwan is set to become the first Asian country to ban shark finning at sea

(Original image clickable straight to source: SharkWater.com, photo by Rob Stewart)


Marjorie Rose
8 July 2011 - 11:30 am

This is truly great news! I’ve seen videos of fishermen throwing sharks back into the waters to die after slicing their fins off. It’s inhumane. I hope these laws are duly enforced.

kimia kline
8 July 2011 - 4:20 pm

beautiful news. so happy to hear. im nearly in tears everyday over the condition of our oceans.

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