Good news all around: Portland, Peru, & Puma

Lately, there’s been so much good news, I had to write up one single post to fit it all! There was even more than this, but I decided to cut it down and just feature these three great bits of news.

1. Portland Oregon is the Latest City to Ban Plastic Bags: This ban that will take effect on October 15, has banned plastic bags from “major grocery stores and some big box retailers.” Unfortunately, plastic bags will still be floating around the city in many stores, but this is still a huge and necessary step in the right direction.

2. Peru Bans Wild Animals In Circuses: Wild animals will no longer have to perform in circuses in Peru! The president of Peru, Alan Garcia, signed a law on July 21st that requires all circuses to no longer use wild animals. This is after a long campaign by Animal Defenders International and activists worked hard to make it clear to the government that these animals were suffering and didn’t belong in these conditions.

3. Puma JUST DID IT: Following Greenpeace International’s Detox campaign, Puma has agreed “to the elimination of all releases of hazardous chemicals from its entire product life cycle, and across its global supply chain, by the year 2020.” Greenpeace is now trying to garner enough signatures to persuade Nike and Adidas. Please sign to help get these other two companies on board!

(Original images sources: Inhabitat, Care2 via Animal Defenders International, & Greenpeace International email)