She wants to be free like a runaway

One of my favorite parts of the movie Soul Surfer was the soundtrack. This song in particular. My brother told me about Mat Kearney a while ago and I like his music, but I love this song!

Mat was born in Oregon and currently resides in Nashville, TN. He just released his newest album Young Love (on 2 August) and it’s already number one on the iTunes charts. I’ve yet to listen to it, but if it’s anything like Runaway then I won’t be able to stop listening to it.

Runaway isn’t on any of his albums, but it is on the Soul Surfer soundtrack. Take a listen below and let me know what you think (make sure to play it at 480p)! It’s just so fun, has a great beat, and makes me want to get moving… feel free… like a runaway. :) The perfect summer song!

(Original image clickable straight to source: Mat Kearney’s Facebook page)