Life tip #25: Meditate

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend that has led into a happy Monday. I’ve written about meditation a couple times before when I first got serious about meditating, but today I realized that “meditate” needed to be a life tip, not just me writing about my experience with it. I want you to get on board, too, if you haven’t yet!

I know meditation isn’t as widely accepted as most of my other life tips, but I definitely think it needs to be. I started meditating a few weeks ago and those days were so much better than those which I didn’t. Those few minutes of peace really do transcend into the rest of the day. The days I meditate, I’m much more calm, happy, and positive.

On my birthday I was either busy or not at home and, unfortunately, didn’t make time to meditate and because of that, my entire schedule got thrown off and I haven’t meditate since… until today. I hope to make this a daily ritual and have written up a schedule which I’ve taped to the wall to make sure I stay on track.

If you’re curious about how to meditate and have read my previous posts, this article may be helpful as well. That’s how I sit when I meditate, too! Hopefully I’ll get back to writing my meditation updates every once in a while so that you’ll be able to fill me in on your progress as I fill you in on mine. I urge you to give it a try a few times, but I warn you that it may take more effort (to sit still with no distractions) than you think.

P.S. I hope you can tell the image is supposed to be of closed, meditating eyelids. If not, now you know! Please ask any questions you may have about meditation in the comments below and I’ll answer as best as I can.