There once was a girl with five cats…

Here they are! You’ve asked to see photos of all of my cats before, and I planned on making a whole post with many different photos of each one of my five cats, but as you can imagine… I have quite a few photos! I’ve decided to just go ahead and show you one of my favorite photos that features all of them (not easily caught in photos!). From left to right: Maciek, Pufcio, Sapcio, Miciek, Kuba.

Unfortunately, Kuba went outside the day after my birthday and has yet to come back. He’s become an indoor-outdoor cat, but he’s never been gone for more than about five days. I’ve done everything I could think of (posters, registering online in multiple places, registering at the vet, and even contacting a local animal communicator from whom I’m awaiting a reply), but I’d still really appreciate it if you would send some good vibes and happy thoughts that Kuba is safe, alive, and well. I really hope he comes home really soon, but more than anything I just hope he’s okay.

I have to say sorry to all of you whose blogs I usually comment on. I’ve been busier than usual and missing Kuba is starting to drain me. I’m trying to stay as positive and optimistic as possible, but it’s hard and I really miss him. You may remember when Sapcio went missing. I’ll do my best to visit your blogs soon and, hopefully, Kuba will be home soon and I’ll be back to my happy self!

There once was a girl with five cats and she wants to keep it that way!