Life tip #28: Remember that we are all connected

Good Monday! I hope each of you had a splendid weekend!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how each one of us is connected, regardless of where or who we are in the world. The fact that we are in this same universe connects us. The air and the sky doesn’t cut off somewhere and start anew down the road, the sun and moon are the same everyone sees day after day, we all need water and food to survive (and I don’t mean just humans).

If you don’t already, the next time you do something, think about what the outcome will be. Will you be supporting something cruel? Will your actions harm someone else? If everyone in the world did what you’re doing, would there still be a world left? Just a little something to think about.

I thought this short video by WWF, which I discovered thanks to Kayla of Exquisite Banana, was perfect for today’s life tip. This one is pretty darn cool and cute, too!

P.S. Did you watch the video from a couple weeks ago? Don’t miss it!