Backpacks, rucksacks, whatever you call them… I love these!

With the possibility of school coming up for me very soon (looks like I may be in England as early as the 17th of September!), I’ve got backpacks on my mind. And not just any ol’ backpacks, these backpacks! I have a trusty Jansport backpack that I’ve had since middle school (I said it was trusty..), but if I see a backpack in person that looks remotely as good as any of these, I might just have to snatch it right up.

I was already a huge fan of the Anschtecka backpacks I wrote about previously, but I guess you could say this mild obsession began when I spotted this collage and grew even more so after finding this one and this one.

As far as I know, they’re all vegan, but they’re not all too clear with the details. Yes, there are a ton of floral ones, but what can I say? Floral prints are an obsession I can’t deny. Having a floral backpack that I could look at almost every day would put a smile on my face from the beginning of the day. Which is your favorite?

In order from left to right, top to bottom: (1)floral canvas backpack at Topshop, (2)dusen dusen striped backpack at I Don’t Like Mondays, (3)traveler rucksack bag at Roxy, (4)deux lux zip-flap corduroy backpack at Urban Outfitters, (5)walking day trip backpack at ModCloth, (6)Roxy so long floral backpack at Pacsun, (7)washed canvas backpack at ASOS, (8)abbey ditsy floral rucksack at Accessorize, (9)floral canvas backpack at ASOS found via Globetrotting in Heels, (10)Pink® backpack at Victoria’s Secret, (11)kimchi blue printed backpack at Urban Outfitters, (12)great outdoors mini backpack at Roxy, (13)biking beauty backpack in rosy at ModCloth, (14)floral trek bag at ModCloth, (15)meryl at Matt & Nat, (16)olsenboye floral backpack at JCPenny.