Save whales (and yourself) from commercial whaling

Something that stood out to me when I first watched Sea Shepherd‘s Whale Wars was that they called themselves an environmental organization, not an animal rights/welfare group. This was one of the few times I saw someone other than myself claim to be helping more than just animals, but the environment and people, too.

Not only are we all connected in a greater sense, but one of these three (humans, animals, environment) cannot thrive without the either (okay, so I’m not too sure about the first helping the others, but I know humans would not be able to get along without the environment and animals).

One animal that is an enormous help to people is the whale. Whales help monitor and keep our oceans clean. Without our oceans, we wouldn’t have enough oxygen and I think you can imagine what a problem that would cause. So, by helping our oceans and whales, you are helping yourself and all humans.

Please take a few minutes to sign this petition “encouraging the UK to help end commercial whaling” and, if you’re in the USA, you can sign this one, too! Thank you!

(Original image from IFAW)