My secret passion

Dance is a universal language that can be understood all over the world. There are many different accents in this language that others may not completely understand, but there are few who can resist moving their bodies to the rhythm of a favorite song or a happy moment.

Dancing is something I’ve always wanted to do more of, be better at, and not feel embarrassed at doing regardless of where I may be at the time. I always find it so sad when someone tells another to stop dancing. They might as well be saying “stop expressing/enjoying yourself”.

I have this seemingly never-ending mental list of things I hope to do in the near future and taking dance lessons is high up there. That must be why So You Think You Can Dance is one of my very favorite shows. I love watching others living their dream and sharing it with the world.

The video below is of my very favorite dance of this past season. I think “waacking” may be my new favorite dancing style, regardless of how funny I find the name to be. The dancing I do around my living room on a particularly good day could be a very toned down version of waacking. Feel free to turn it off at the 2:25 mark after the dance. It helps that I absolutely loved this song Schoolin’ Life by Beyoncé. I’ve watched this video more times than I can count!

Are you a So You Think You Can Dance fan? Is there another dance show you love watching? What is your secret passion that you hope to indulge one of these days?

(Original images from Fox & So You Think You Can Dance’s Facebook page)