(Which to…) Choose. Bike. Be Happy.

The accommodations in which I live are a bit further from my university campus than the others and I’ve strongly been considering riding a bike to school. The only downfalls I can see are the rideability of the area (although I’ve seen quite a few cyclers and have heard it’s becoming a very bike-friendly area), showing up for classes sweating and tired, and the fact that I’d need to purchase a bike and all it entails here and then somehow get it back home once I’m done for the year.

I think the benefits outweigh the cons, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do any of you bike to work, school, or anywhere at all? How easily does it fit into your lifestyle? I think this video from the Sierra Club not only has a great message, but I love the way they presented it. The fact that the cyclist has a stylish wardrobe and room helps, too!