I’d rather dance with you than talk with you

Happy start of the week to all of you! I hope you all had fun-filled weekends! I definitely did and hope to find the time soon to show you all of the photos I’ve taken within the past week. I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve hardly had time to listen to music. I can’t remember the last time that happened, but with Skype talks, the music mostly stays off when I’m at my computer (which isn’t all that often as-is).

Because of this, I felt that it was time I had a music post and what better song than this one? I’d Rather Dance With You is a song by Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience. I have and love all of their music, but this is one of my favorites. I often times play their songs when I want to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Even though I’ve loved the song for some time, I didn’t know there was a video to it until Miss Moss posted it a little while back. It makes me want to get up and dance and just be carefree. What do you think? Does it make you want to dance and leave the talking for another time or just giggle like the little ballerinas?


28 September 2011 - 8:37 pm

Thanks for posting this video! I haven’t heard this song in over 5 years and had almost forgotten about it. As soon as I heard it again and watched this video, it brought me back to some fun memories from my single days 😉

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