Sign to keep grizzly bears in Yellowstone safe

I was so pleased to see that the majority of you that voted in the poll said that you take action on these types of posts! I was thinking that only those who comment and maybe a handful of others signed, but seeing the results of the poll leaning mostly one way made me realize that, just because the comments aren’t there, doesn’t mean you’re not signing and spreading the word. Thank you for the reassurance and for taking action!

Care2 is currently featuring this petition from Greater Yellowstone Coalition concerning the need to protect the last remaining Yellowstone grizzly bears. The grizzly bear is currently an endangered species, but due to a rise in population, the US federal government is considering taking them off the Endangered Species List.

“Since 2008, up to 13% of the entire bear population has been killed or removed each year due to conflicts with humans.” Greater Yellowstone Coalition is working to improve the population of grizzlies so that they may no longer be endangered, but if they were to be taken off the list, the efforts made thus far could be put at risk.

Please click on the image above or here to sign the petition asking “Secretary Salazar to keep grizzly bears listed under the Endangered Species Act until a viable, long-term management plan is in place for this treasured icon.” Thank you!

(Original image from Greater Yellowstone Coalition by Tom Murphy)


28 September 2011 - 6:27 pm

13%?! That’s terrible! Save Yogi Bear!

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