Blogging may not be my life, but it sure does add to it in the best possible way

Where to start?! Hello! Thank you for sticking around/visiting. Not updating FLC for the past two weeks was mostly helpful due to the fact that every time I visited I was able to see Miciek‘s happy little face. It was the best thing I could have done. Since I can’t see Miciek anymore and can’t go home and be with my family, visiting Four Leaf Clover was as close to going home as I could get.

The other day I got back to my bloggy things including Facebook, Twitter, and my friends’ blogs and boy did it feel good! I realized that I was missing a part of myself by not blogging and going back to it and realizing how happy and helpful this community has become to me made such a wonderful difference. Thank you for being a part of it, for making my life better.

I especially want to say thank you to (wow.. feels like I’m giving some kind of speech, ha!) to all of those who commented, tweeted, emailed, etc. Not only did it help me cope, but you all helped me feel less alone in this new home of mine. Along with missing Miciek, I have adjusting to university life to deal with.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I’ve been wanting to go to university for quite some time and since being here there have been many moments where I’ve been sitting in a lecture (even the most mundane ones) and thought to myself “Wow, I’m finally here! I’m in university!”

I’ve realized that it’s mostly up to me to make the most of my time here and in this moment of my life so I need to keep that in mind and continue growing and blossoming. Four Leaf Clover and you all have helped me thus far and I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

I know I will continue to miss Miciek, have days where it feels unbearable, and have many more struggles in life, but I still have four beautiful boys (fyi: boys = my cats) to take care of and a world to heal. Please join in the fun and share your two cents, insight, love, etc… wherever and whenever you’d like. The more the merrier! There’s a lot of work to be done, but we’ve already done so much and I know we can handle it.