Awaken your Food Sense

When it comes to food, the internet is one of my favorite tools. Yes, cookbooks are amazing, but sometimes you can’t find a recipe to fit your mood, taste, or time at that very moment. In comes the internet. Look up a combo of anything and you’re sure to find something just right.

Julie has taken it to another level with Food Sense, a website dedicated to providing “recipes, stories, and featured vendors [that] are handpicked, thoroughly researched, and well-loved”. I can’t help but mention that a while back Food Sense featured my brownies!

Just looking at the site has my mouth watering and my fingers itching to get cookin’. I love that Food Sense features recipes, photos, stories, tips, and more from people just like me… lovers of making and eating great-tasting veg-friendly foods.

I asked Julie a few questions so that I could better explain Food Sense to you, but after reading her responses I felt that this post wouldn’t be complete without her answers and no one could better explain it than Julie herself. Here’s our little interview:

Why did you get started with Food Sense?

I love sharing food with others. I wanted to create a community and set of resources for people who love plant-based food – simply because it’s really good food. Done right, it’s delicious, creative, elegant, and satisfying. I wanted it to be open to anyone who’s interested in vegetarianism or veganism – whether they call themselves that or not.

What purpose does Food Sense serve?

Too many people abandon plant-based eating because it seems hard. Or, not that tasty. Because Food Sense brings together the very best articles, resources, recipes, and vendors, it helps readers maintain a positive experience with vegetarian and vegan food. (And, I think I’ve achieved that in some part, because it’s taken some time for some of my visitors to realize it’s a vegetarian food site – apparently, the food looks so good that it successfully breaks from people’s common misperceptions about vegetarian food!)

What do you hope will come from Food Sense?

I hope it continues to grow beyond my voice, to a collection of voices. I hope Food Sense will become an interactive community of home cooks, who can find everything they are looking for – cooking inspiration, how-tos, entertaining ideas, recipes, products – on our site.

[Note from Julie: Food Sense is building its team of contributing editors! Topic areas of focus include: Recipes, Entertaining, Nutrition, and Food Sense features such as 10 Things, and My Veg Life. Julie is also open to column ideas. If you’re interested in joining the Food Sense team, please e-mail Julie at]