So this is Poole

You may remember my “I’m here!” post a while back which just so happens to be when I took all of these photos. I haven’t been taking nearly as many pictures as I did when I first arrived, but I think my camera is going to have to become a staple in my bag once again. Although I study at Bournemouth University, I live a little ways away in Poole. It may be a bit far for an almost daily bus ride, but Poole has many great features (many of which I’m sure I’ve yet to discover)!

The weather has become a mucky and cold sort of thing, but it doesn’t make the bus ride back to Poole any less comforting. This place has more or less started to feel like a home (away from home, that is). I figured it was about time I showed you my first impression. It definitely has a nautical feel with seagulls calling out and the smell of saltwater. Also, Poole Harbour just so happens to be the second largest natural harbour in the world!

I live right next to the railway and the sound of trains is constant. I’ve not seen one for a while, but the steam trains that came by always had me out of my bed and peering out the window at night.