The time we have rushed through life trying to save

In the center of Bournemouth, there’s a hot air balloon (pictured above) which you can go on and see the city from up high on nice, sunny days. I hope to one day go on it. In the meantime, I’ll admire it from the ground.

These words by celebrity Will Rogers are one of those sadly true quotes. It always seems as though people rush through things so that they can then relax and enjoy themselves. Once we get to that time of relaxation, we almost always waste it and don’t take full advantage of it. The thing is, life should be enjoyed at all times, not just when we finish that daily/weekly to do list. Easier said than done, but we do only have one life and it goes by too fast.

I’ve gotten crazy busy lately and I have to remind myself sometimes to come back to the here and now, to take a break from schoolwork, the computer, my thoughts! That’s one reason why I’ve come back to writing more often here at Four Leaf Clover. I hope to post every other week day (as I’ve done so far this week) until I can get back onto a normal schedule once again. I’m missing so many stories and lovely finds that have started to collect dust in my bookmarks.

Ah, right… what I’m trying to say is: have a wonderful weekend, don’t rush through it, and find some time to enjoy… and not just today, but every day (even if only for a few minutes)!