Release Morgan back into the wild

On the 23rd of June 2010, a young orca named Morgan was found swimming near the Netherlands with deteriorating health. The Dolfinarium Harderwijk got a permit to bring Morgan to a healthy state and release her, but unfortunately she was never released and is currently still held in captivity.

I stumbled upon Morgan’s sad story on the Huffington Post in an article titled “Free Morgan: The Ocean Wants Her Orca Back” and I couldn’t stay silent, I knew I had to share this on FLC, Twitter and Facebook.

This coming 1st of November, a court hearing will be held for Morgan to be released from the smallest captivity tank in the world and into rehabilitation so that she may swim freely once again. Please help this young orca have the possibility of living in freedom by clicking here and sharing Morgan’s story. Thank you!

(Original images from the Free Morgan Foundation website and Facebook page)

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