Gorgeous blooms: a flower timelapse

Flowers are absolutely amazing. They are one of the most beautiful things in the world and one of the best gifts from the Earth to us. I am in awe every time I watch this video, I can almost smell the flowers as they open up. I’m so glad I caught Photojojo’s tweet about it on my feed. The video was created by photographer Katka Pruskova by taking over 7,100 photographs in over 730 hours! It contains a range of flowers including amaryllis, lilies, zygocactus, roses, gladiolus, tulips, and gardenias which are all Katka’s or her mother’s flowers. Anyone who knows me knows that I love flowers. I could sit and watch flowers bloom (preferably in a sped up process like this) for hours!

(Original images taken from Katka Pruskova’s Vimeo Flowers Timelapse video)