The perfect holiday

The Holiday has become one of my favorite holiday movies. It’s got the perfect amount of charm, romance, and joy. The storyline of the movie is different from any I’ve ever watched: two women participate in a home exchange after being cheated by the men in their lives. Amanda (Cameron Diaz) lives in L.A. and makes trailers for  Hollywood movies while Iris (Kate Winslet) lives in Surrey, England and works for The Telegraph in London. Amanda’s boyfriend who lived with her cheated on her repeatedly with his secretary and she throws him out. She’s been so busy and finally realizes she needs a break from everything. She goes on a home exchange website and finds Iris’s cottage-like home. Iris has just found out that the man she believes to be the love of her life is engaged. She’s crying at home when she receives an instant message from Amanda asking if she’d like to switch homes for Christmas. In a few minutes the two decide to get on a plane the next day and trade lifestyles for the holidays.

Christmas isn’t really brought up in the movie so it can be watched at any time in the year and it won’t feel out of place. It’s a great movie that shows that you can find love in the most unlikely of places and when you’re least expecting it. Just because you’re not perfect for someone doesn’t mean there isn’t another someone out there that you are the right one for. I really loved The Holiday when I saw it in theaters and I still love it after many more views. It’s quite unpredictable in parts and there are many different scenes to the movie so that each watch you realize new things and you almost feel as though you’re seeing something new. Each actor fits perfectly and that’s most likely because the parts were written with all but Jude Law in mind. Unfortunately, feel-good movies aren’t as common as they used to be, but this movie doesn’t disappoint.

Something that undoubtedly adds to the movie is the soundtrack. Hans Zimmer is another of my favorite modern day composers. The soundtrack is actually more like the film score. I had to track down the songs in the movie elsewhere (which were really great, too, by the way). I especially love Aretha Franklin’s version of You Send Me at the very end of the movie. The music in the movie is a big deal because Miles (Jack Black) is a movie composer and not only does he write a song used in a special event, but he writes a song for Iris saying “Iris, if you were a melody… I used only the good notes”. I play this soundtrack whenever I feel like playing music, but need as much silence as possible or when I have a variety of people listening and want to satisfy all those around. What I listen to has greatly improved since I started listening to music like the songs featured on this soundtrack.

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