How wolves change rivers (aka how nature works it’s magic)

Time for a little break from Lake Como. I watched this video by Sustainable Human when it first came out and I have no idea why I didn’t post it before (actually, now that I think about it, must have been exams and assignments…). I posted it on my Facebook page, but now that I’ve seen it again, I realized that I needed to post it here, too. I wish information like that presented in this video was taught in school. It wasn’t until my time in Kenya for my Ecology & Wildlife Conservation degree course that I realized just how important every single species is to an ecosystem. From the tiny bugs to the top predator, they’re there for an absolutely necessary reason. Unfortunately, humans have really upset the natural balance, but I love how this video shows how easily and quickly nature fixes a problem.

And if you want to see a completely different animal relationship (that may just be the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time!), watch the video below and ‘awww’ to your heart’s content!


1 December 2014 - 11:16 am

I love this video! Thank you for sharing it again. There are so many miracles of nature that we have yet to learn. Amazing!

7 December 2014 - 2:07 pm

This is completely amazing. I cannot believe I have never seen it before! Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this, Eva! What a fantastic, and incredibly inspirational tale of how nature reaches balance. Just beautiful.

8 December 2014 - 10:08 pm

I’m so glad you both came by and watched this! Greenderella, it is definitely a video that can be watched and watched again. And, Elisa, I’m so glad I was able to introduce it to you!

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