Why I drink warm lemon water every single day

This post has been a long time coming and I actually feel bad for not sharing it as soon as I discovered the awesome benefits I get from doing this! Almost every single day for the last few years, I’ve started my morning with a big ol’ cup of warm lemon water.

Ever since I started this, I get sick so much less! I used to not remember a time when I didn’t have a stuffed up or runny nose, but thanks to warm lemon water (and I am very grateful), I don’t ever have this issue anymore! The big boost of vitamin c and a good amount of water, first thing in the morning, was apparently just what my body needed to keep the sniffles at bay.

I ran out of lemons last week and thought I’d give the warm lemon water a break, but my throat started to itch a little bit after only a couple days. Once I got back on the warm lemon water train, my throat got better and it never developed any further. And! My mood is better when I drink warm lemon water, too!

I just use the juice of half of a large lemon or one whole small lemon and a big mug of filtered, boiled (and then cooled a little bit) water. But it’s really up to you and how much lemon you can handle. Lemons are one of my very favorite fruits, so it was easy to jump on this bandwagon. I’ve also heard of putting ginger and cayenne, among other things, into the mix. Putting those in makes the lemon almost taste like it’s gone off, for me, so I only mix those in when I’m feeling brave :P

Top 3 most common benefits of drinking warm lemon water:

lemons Helps aid digestion

lemons Boosts immune system

lemons Helps cleanse the body

Do you drink warm lemon water? If so, what benefits have you noticed?

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