Cott-on to fashion

You’ve probably been hearing about organic food for a few years now, but something not mentioned all that often is organic clothing. Just like what you put in your body makes a difference on your health and well-being, so does what you put on your body. Not only that, but clothing has a huge impact on the planet. I’ve read so many news stories about clothing chemicals and dyes polluting water and therefore the people who drink and use this water, pesticides run off from the cotton crops and go into water streams, and these harsh chemicals, dyes, and pesticides end up in your clothing that you wear every single day, all day long. By purchasing organic cotton clothing, you are guaranteed that your clothes will not be made from genetically modified plants and that you are helping the environment. You’re also helping the workers on farms and factories; dealing with natural materials and plants is much safer. It’s not just clothing either: bed covers and sheets, tablecloths and napkins, towels and blankets, etc. can all be made from environmentally-friendly fabrics.

It’s sometimes tricky to find stores and clothing made out of organic materials and they can be very expensive when you do. I’m currently not in the position to purchase sustainable, designer clothes; luckily, many stores often times have a few pieces of clothing made from some or all organic materials. There’s a misconception that organic clothing is bland and expressionless, but I’ve been able to find quite a few great pieces by chance in stores I would frequently visit. Most of my clothing is packed in suitcases and boxes so I couldn’t find very many of said pieces to show you, but these are a couple socks I got this year for Christmas from H&M. There are two pairs; an adorable polka-dotted and classic solid black pair. Eco-clothing, for me, automatically makes a piece of clothing that much more special.