2016 | What I’ve got planned for Four Leaf Clover & wanting your input

Happy 2016! I’m feeling really good about this year and I hope you are, too! I’ve got a lot of things planned out for this year (and not planned, but I know they’re going to happen…sooometiiime…) in life and for Four Leaf Clover! No, I don’t really make resolutions anymore, but it’s a pretty good excuse to start (or re-start) something and stick to it!

I’m a little superstitious so I try to bring in the new year joyfully and I did this year and so far every day has been really good! I’ve picked running back up and hope to run Monday-Friday (writing it down and telling people is said to make you more accountable and more likely to stick to something, right?), I’ve been doing 30 days of YOGA CAMP(!) with Yoga With Adriene, I’ve been meditating every day, and I’ve started journaling from the start of the day with my intention for the day. It’s almost like a to-do list, but I write what I will do and so far I’ve been doing all that I write down and more! I always make sure to write that it’ll be a great day, too, and it’s been working so far and it will continue working ;)

I wanted to give you a little insight into what to expect from me and this space at least for the time being. I want more structure here and I’ve finally gotten into posting once a week and giving myself a little bit of a deadline and it’s stuck!

> I want to change my layout and make it user-friendly for all devices
> I’d like to finish off my Lake Como posts and go into other travel posts
> I want to build more of a community here. I felt like I really had that before I left for university, but when I “came back” to the blogosphere, so many bloggers had stopped blogging. I love this space, though, and I’m not ready to give it up!

My favorite space online, for the past year, has been YouTube. I use it and check it more often than I use any other site or app. For the longest time, I’ve been considering starting videos of my own, but I have no clue how to go about making a good quality video that I would feel okay publishing online (I’m a bit of a perfectionist). What do you guys think? Would you be interested in watching videos of mine? Do you make your own videos? Is there anything you’d like for me to cover either in a video or just on Four Leaf Clover in general?

I want to hear from you! What brought you here and what posts have got you coming back? What would you like to see more of? And what have you got planned (or not planned, but you know it’s gonna happen!) for 2016? Thank you for being here!