Starry night lights

Switzerland’s Christmas lights are some of the most simple and beautiful lights I’ve seen. They are vertical wires with lights that dangle from cables strung from building to building. It creates a starry night effect. In some parts of town, while walking directly under them, it feels as though you are in an indoor small town and the sky is the ceiling; very unreal.

The very first photo is from inside the church we went to that Christmas day. This nativity scene is so pretty; I especially love all of the animals and natural plants surrounding it. We weren’t positive, but the moss felt real. There were also a couple “camp fires” with smoke coming from them.

The following photos are all from Schaffhausen here in Switzerland. We wanted to do something a bit different than just stay at home for Christmas so we went into town. Usually the streets are crowded with people, but since it was Christmas day night, there weren’t too many people around which was nice for once. Schaffhausen is already a very pretty town, but these lights make it look and feel spectacular.