SocialVibe makes helping much easier

Last week I linked to a SocialVibe‘s The Vibe blog post when writing about conflict minerals and, to my surprise, my post showed up in the comments section of The Vibe. This has led to hundreds and hundreds of viewers to my website which makes me ecstatic! To all of you who are here because of SocialVibe thank you and please feel free to leave a comment or two, I love hearing your thoughts!

For those of you who don’t know about SocialVibe, I’d be happy to fill you in. I found out about SocialVibe through Hayden Panettiere and her whale campaign. In 2007, Hayden along with a few others swam out on their surf boards to protest and try to stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. Hayden was devastated by what she witnessed and decided to get more involved. She’s a spokesperson for the Save The Whales Again conservation campaign which is a cause on SocialVibe.

SocialVibe allows you to help a cause without spending any money. You sign up for an account, choose a cause, and are offered simple activities (e.g. you can watch a video and then answer a question). These activities are from SocialVibe’s sponsors and, when you complete an activity, money is given to your cause. SocialVibe raised over $700,000 in almost a year! There’s a huge selection of different causes you can choose from such as: the environment, peace & human rights, animals, hunger & poverty, etc.

By clicking on the badge I posted, you can help out my cause. To find out more about SocialVibe and how it works, please go to their website.