Saved and made pretty

There’s a really cool website called Do the Green Thing that fills you in on how you can make your life greener and they sell clothes too. Now, these clothes aren’t your usual pieces of clothing. I’ve already heard about their neat method of lending gloves a helping hand and now they’ve added t-shirts to the mix. For the gloves, if you’ve ever lost a glove and don’t know what to do with the one left over, you can send it to Do the Green Thing and they’ll pair it with a similar mixed-match glove that someone else has sent in. As for the t-shirts, we’ve all got those t-shirts that we thought were so cool before with those graphics of places we’d never been to before (okay, well… I have quite a few) or just any t-shirt that no longer has any meaning to us, but we hang on to them “just in case”. That just in case moment has come along. Do the Green Thing is taking in old shirts, washing them, and then sewing on the words “saved” with an attached tag that includes the shirt’s story. Then they put them up on their Facebook shop where people can purchase them and the money goes back into their work on How cool is that? Not only can you give your old shirts a new home now that you don’t wear them anymore, but you’ve got a great conversation starter if you get one of the renewed shirts, plus it’s great for the environment!
Thank you I Heart Daily for filling me in!


(All images are clickable straight to source: dothegreenthing on flickr)


16 January 2011 - 6:20 am

This is a really cool idea. Luckily for me, I never have a glove left over! haha because I only need one but I really like those shirts. I’d buy one simply because I think they’re cool looking but to know the cause behind them makes me like them even better.

16 January 2011 - 4:09 pm

Very true, Haylee! I like that striped one in the top picture so much!

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