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‘Corrective rape’ is going unpunished in South Africa

Every day in Cape Town at least one lesbian woman is raped to “make her straight”. Whatever someone’s beliefs are about homosexuality, this is in no way right. An email I got from Avaaz states: South Africa is the rape capital of the world. A South African girl born today is more likely to be […]

Constant Gardener, take me to Africa with you

While movies with an important and difficult message always leave me feeling sad, I like to watch them because I find them to be the most educational type of film after documentaries. The Constant Gardener is right there among Hotel Rwanda and Blood Diamond. Although the movie is from 2005, I’d never heard of it […]

Take the conflict out of electronics and out of your hands

I first heard about conflict minerals from SocialVibe. I had no idea that practically every electronic I owned could be causing rape and death. That might sound extreme, but unfortunately, it’s happening all the time in Congo, Africa. These minerals are gold, tin, tantalum, and tungsten and they make up the components of  most electronics in […]