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Act now to protect the Amazon

I know I’ve mentioned the Amazon rainforest on here multiple times, but to say it is important to our world is an understatement. “The Amazon is the world’s largest tract of tropical rainforest, containing the Earth’s greatest biological reservoir – around 30 percent of all terrestrial species are found there.” (Source: BBC) And that’s not […]

Save the Amazon rainforest & stop murder

Did you know that environmental activists are being killed in Brazil for protecting the Amazon rainforest? I was distraught about a month ago when I read about married couple Jose Claudio Ribeiro and Maria Do Espirito Santo Da Silva getting shot and killed for protesting against loggers. They were ambushed by gunmen. This was no […]

Amazing video clip shows uncontacted Amazon tribe

I just watched this amazing video over at The Huffington Post that shows never before seen footage of an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon rainforest. I was really surprised by this video. I had no idea there were still people in the world that had never had contact with “the outside world”. The program about […]