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Sign to keep grizzly bears in Yellowstone safe

I was so pleased to see that the majority of you that voted in the poll said that you take action on these types of posts! I was thinking that only those who comment and maybe a handful of others signed, but seeing the results of the poll leaning mostly one way made me realize […]

Good news to brighten your day & give you hope

Oh, how I love sharing good news with all of you, especially when there’s so much of it that I need to share it all in one post. The days are getting away from me, but I couldn’t wait to share this information, especially since I’ve mentioned many of these issues and topics before, so […]

A mix of emotions in Bern

Bern means ‘bear’ in German. The city was founded by Duke Berthold V of Zähringen in 1191. Berthold V suggested naming the city after the first animal they’d kill in a hunt. That animal happened to be a bear. I’ve posted a few statistics of the city and my photos for you to check out: […]