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My beloved, adorable, amazing Miciek died today. He was very sick and died at home with my family, incidentally, while I was skyping with them. It was very unexpected for me, because I had hope that he would get better and the thought that he would die wouldn’t cross my mind. I already miss him […]

The love of a cat

This is the image of Kuba on the flyers I had hung up which I was able to take down today, because… Kuba came home!! Last night at about 3am, all on his own! He was perfectly fine other than being very hungry and thin. THANK YOU for being so amazing and patient with me. […]

There once was a girl with five cats…

Here they are! You’ve asked to see photos of all of my cats before, and I planned on making a whole post with many different photos of each one of my five cats, but as you can imagine… I have quite a few photos! I’ve decided to just go ahead and show you one of […]