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Ban the tiger trade in China

Thanks to a retweet I saw the other day, a petition from Tiger Time was brought to my attention and now I share it with you. Please sign this petition to help put an end to the tiger trade in China. I’ve written about the devastation that tigers suffer multiple times here on FLC and […]

The Longest Way

Sometimes you hear about an adventure someone took in their life and get completely inspired and feel that anything is possible. Christoph Rehage’s one year long walk from one side of China to the other is one of those journeys. He documented his trip through multiple photos and compiled this awesome little video. What makes […]

Animals no longer forced to join the circus in China

China recently took a giant step in showing that their circus may just be “the greatest show on Earth”. China has banned the use of animals in circuses. They’ve also implemented new regulations to prevent animal cruelty in zoos. The Telegraph reports that: The ban will also force zoos to stop selling animal parts in […]