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Bloggers Day of Silence [For Japan With Love]

As I mentioned in my last Japan post, I’ll be participating in the ‘Bloggers Day of Silence’ on Friday, 18 March. Lydia of Ever Ours and Lucia & Henny of Utterly Engaged have asked for donations and have created the ‘Bloggers Day or Silence’. You can find out more by clicking either one of their […]

Free ways to help Japan

Many of you, including myself, have mentioned that you’d love to help Japan, but don’t have the money to give. Luckily, there are a few free ways to help, most of which are super easy and only take a few seconds! I’ve listed the free ways to help below. Please add any efforts you know […]

Japan weighing heavily on hearts and minds all over the world

I’m taking a break from life tips this week to focus on what’s going on in Japan.  I’m only going to post this one feature about Japan today because it would feel wrong to post a few of the other things I was planning on. It’s been hard to think about anything other than Japan […]