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Free ways to help Japan

Many of you, including myself, have mentioned that you’d love to help Japan, but don’t have the money to give. Luckily, there are a few free ways to help, most of which are super easy and only take a few seconds! I’ve listed the free ways to help below. Please add any efforts you know […]

E-cards are e-co friendly, especially these!

In case you want to make someone feel extra special today and let them know you love them, but are in need of a little last minute joy, what better way than through an e-card? I’m a huge lover of letters/cards in the post, but sometimes you just can’t get to it in time or […]

New, free music makes my ears go a-flutter

Some of my favorite artists are coming out with new albums this year and I can’t wait! Amazing, new music is one of my very favorite things. There’s nothing like a fantastic song to cheer me up. Add in that the artists themselves are allowing free downloads of their songs and it’s like the (vegan) […]

SocialVibe makes helping much easier

A SocialVibe badge helping make a difference for Whaleman Foundation Last week I linked to a SocialVibe‘s The Vibe blog post when writing about conflict minerals and, to my surprise, my post showed up in the comments section of The Vibe. This has led to hundreds and hundreds of viewers to my website which makes […]

Decorate your desktop

I found these beautiful wallpapers thanks to tumblr. The actual wallpapers weren’t what I saw on tumblr, but tracking down the original source is what got the above picture on my desktop. I saw some very unique and pretty Christmas cards while browsing Viva Amore’s tumblr and, luckily, it wasn’t very hard to find the […]