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A little film on how to cook quinoa

When I posted my Quinoa + carrots + chickpeas dinner recipe I got a lot of “what’s quinoa?” questions. Some of them accompanied with a scrunched up nose… you know what I mean. But there’s absolutely no reason to scrunch that nose! Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a grain from South America which, when eaten alone, […]

Life tip #9: Read labels

This is a very important life tip. I am frequently shocked time and time again when people don’t read labels before they purchase food. I’ve found that food is the number one factor when it comes to my and many other individuals’ health. When watching a program about vegetarianism on Oprah about a year ago, […]

Life tip #5: Drink more water

I had to get a glass of water before stating this post. Luckily, water is my favorite drink. It’s fresh, healthy, and nothing is quite as satisfying after an exhilarating exercise. I make sure to keep a glass of water next to my bed every night and often times find myself reaching for it in […]