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Good news to brighten your day & give you hope

Oh, how I love sharing good news with all of you, especially when there’s so much of it that I need to share it all in one post. The days are getting away from me, but I couldn’t wait to share this information, especially since I’ve mentioned many of these issues and topics before, so […]

H&M sewing itself into becoming an eco-friendly brand

Remember my organic cotton blend H&M socks? Well, that was nothing; H&M is taking it a whole step further and I’m thrilled! When I lived in Indiana, there was only one H&M store in the entire state and it was kind of pricey and a bit of a drive away. Then I moved to London […]

Cott-on to fashion

You’ve probably been hearing about organic food for a few years now, but something not mentioned all that often is organic clothing. Just like what you put in your body makes a difference on your health and well-being, so does what you put on your body. Not only that, but clothing has a huge impact […]