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And be happy

One of my favorite things to take photos of are flowers. There’s rarely a time that I see a flower, have a camera in hand, and don’t take a photo. Every flower is beautiful and unique. Now that I wrote that out, I realize that the same can be said about each person. We just […]

This is where I live (Part 4: surrounded by animals)

I’ve saved the best for last! My favorite part of living here is being so close to animals. Right behind where I live there’s a pasture where I can see two horses grazing almost all year round (the black and white/brown horse pictured below). There are sheep and cows as well as plenty of cats. […]

This is where I live (part 3: the view in the distance)

The view here may be one of my favorite things about where I live and takes my breath away almost every single day. When the sky is crisp and clear, I get the privilege of seeing the gorgeous Alps. Living in Switzerland definitely has its perks and this is one of my very favorite. Among […]

This is where I live (part 2: field walks in the outskirts)

I hope that once you look through these photos, you’ll feel like I’ve taken you on a walk around my little village. I’ve been told that there are about 10 farmers that live here and tend to the many fields you see in these photos as well as animals that I plan on showing you […]

This is where I live (part 1: a little Swiss village)

Here it is! The long awaited home/village post. This is where I currently live. There are about 500-700 people that live here (I’d give you an exact amount, but I’ve heard and read many different things). Sometimes I love it, sometimes I like it, and sometimes I’m not too fond it. It’s very quiet here […]