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And be happy

One of my favorite things to take photos of are flowers. There’s rarely a time that I see a flower, have a camera in hand, and don’t take a photo. Every flower is beautiful and unique. Now that I wrote that out, I realize that the same can be said about each person. We just […]

This is where I live (Part 4: surrounded by animals)

I’ve saved the best for last! My favorite part of living here is being so close to animals. Right behind where I live there’s a pasture where I can see two horses grazing almost all year round (the black and white/brown horse pictured below). There are sheep and cows as well as plenty of cats. […]

This is where I live (part 3: the view in the distance)

The view here may be one of my favorite things about where I live and takes my breath away almost every single day. When the sky is crisp and clear, I get the privilege of seeing the gorgeous Alps. Living in Switzerland definitely has its perks and this is one of my very favorite. Among […]