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Music with heart: an interview with Emaline Delapaix & free downloads!

If you’ve not yet been introduced, I would love to introduce you to Emaline Delapaix. She is a Berlin based, Australian, singer-songwriter with a soothing, beautiful voice and an equally beautiful conscience. Emaline suffered with depression until she became a full-time musician and vegan a few years ago. She loves animals and promotes veganism through […]

Awaken your Food Sense

When it comes to food, the internet is one of my favorite tools. Yes, cookbooks are amazing, but sometimes you can’t find a recipe to fit your mood, taste, or time at that very moment. In comes the internet. Look up a combo of anything and you’re sure to find something just right. Julie has […]

Guest Feature: The Veda House

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Cassie’s blog The Veda House about a month ago and was surprised to read that she had recently started her blog, just like me! On her blog, she shares her life through her posts that show her lovely designs. There’s always something new and unexpected at the Veda […]