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Steps you can take to love yourself

The more spiritual words I read, the more I realize that the majority of our “problems” come down to how well we love ourselves. The other day, I saw this list on That Kind Of Woman and it reminded me of the list I had posted a while back called “Here is your assignment…” which […]

New year, new you: love now

I hope your new year has started off marvelously! Mine has really been something special and each day brings something new and exciting. Living in the moment makes such a huge positive difference, I wish I’d know this was the way to live from the start of my life. But no worries, I know now […]


My beloved, adorable, amazing Miciek died today. He was very sick and died at home with my family, incidentally, while I was skyping with them. It was very unexpected for me, because I had hope that he would get better and the thought that he would die wouldn’t cross my mind. I already miss him […]

The Man’s Guide to Love

I just got lost on the Man’s Guide to Love again! I found out about this project about a month or so ago: men are filmed with their responses to the question “If you had one piece of advice that you’d give another man about love, what would it be?” Just by browsing through their […]

Life is wonderful [thanks to a little cat with a big heart]

Meet Sapcio: the apple of my eye, the key to my heart, one of the most important living beings in all of the world to me… my Baby. This post will show you a part of me that only those closest to me have seen and know. My family rescued Sapcio (it’s a Polish name […]