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It’s easy being green with so many clothing choices

There are so many greenwashing options out there right now that it’s hard to find clothing that not only has a green message on it, but follows that message as well. I wanted to share these dELiA*s t-shirts with you to show how easy it is to find eco-friendly clothing and/or clothing that helps organizations […]

Dream about traveling the world

Clearly I have a knack for finding cool, eco-friendly pillows. I saw these on Spaces in Between’s tumblr over the weekend and wished I could share them with you, but I’ve chosen to only feature environmentally-friendly products here on Four Leaf Clover. After clicking through to the original source, I was more than pleasantly surprised […]

If I were to wrap a gift today…

I’d wrap it in these! Aren’t they beautiful? Plus they’re 100% organic cotton with soy-based inks. I saw these fabric wraps on Oh Joy! and was reminded of the best way to wrap a gift: furoshiki! In Japan, this method of wrapping and carrying around items has been popular for years, but only fairly recently […]

Ecolissa: where fashion meets eco

Ecolissa is an online shop that specializes in dresses and easy to wear separates that are eco-friendly and vegan. Their clothing is made up of materials such as bamboo, hemp, modal/tencel, organic cotton, reclaimed materials, and soy. Many of the products they sell are also fair trade. As a vegan I choose to only purchase and wear […]

H&M sewing itself into becoming an eco-friendly brand

Remember my organic cotton blend H&M socks? Well, that was nothing; H&M is taking it a whole step further and I’m thrilled! When I lived in Indiana, there was only one H&M store in the entire state and it was kind of pricey and a bit of a drive away. Then I moved to London […]