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A plastic future

I found this video on A quest for kinder cuisine a couple days ago and was shocked. I’ve seen and read many things about plastic and how it’s practically taking over the world, but not to these lengths. It’s horrible how much plastic there is in the world and how much damage it is causing. […]

The story of bottled water

I watched The Story of Bottled Water a couple years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. I knew most of the behind story, but there was still new information in this video. I didn’t, for example, have any idea about what happened to recycled plastic bottles. The video may seem a bit long, […]

A little less plastic in Italy

Starting on the first of January 2011, the whole country of Italy will ban single-use plastic bags! I’ve heard about many different cities all over the world banning or taxing plastic bags, but never a whole country. Apparently the ban was supposed to take place on the first day of 2010, but it was pushed […]